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How I became a size 8

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How I became a size 8

New Years Resolution

All your hear in the media after Christmas is DIET, DIET, DIET. I am sure that I am not the only one that gets tired of hearing about it.

If you have a few pounds or so of body weight that you would be more than pleased to part with, listening to TV programmes which are designed to make you feel anxious about your physical size can be quite depressing.

So may be you do need to lose some weight. The question is how.

I currently have the size and shape of body that I aimed for when I was between the age of 16 to 19.

Yes, I went on diets, those daft milkshake ones, then just counting calories which was 'make it up as i went along' kind of thing. My weight dropped from 9st 5lbs to 6st 12lbs. My calorie intake was very low, far too low and while this was going on i was constantly exercising.

My family and friends became increasingly worried about my health. Me, well I couldn't actually 'see' how under weight I was when I looked in the mirror. It wasn't until I realised just how incredibly light weight less than 7st was that I decided to call it a day on the diet and start eating properly again.

Can you guess what happened? Yes that's right, I gained almost all the weight that I had lost. That is what happens when you go on unhealthy diets like mine was.

My dress size was about a 10 and slightly above from the age of 19. It remained so until a few years ago.

I am a keen walker. I clock up many miles each week when I have free time. Also I am very active. Whilst indoors I continually move around doing whatever needs to be done. I work as a gardener which means lots of physical activity. I do eat many healthy and varied foods. Cakes and chocolate pass my lips almost everyday, but only in small quantities. I don't diet and my weight only changes just a little. Not sure what i weight as i never stand on the scales.

Physical activity, mental activity and eating a healthy, well balanced diet is how I got to be a size 8.

This was never my intention when I found myself buying smaller clothes a few years ago it was something that just happened because of the way I live my life.

A size 8 is quite small and i would say to anyone that reads this who has 'dreams' about being that tiny 'choose another dream'.

How about this one.....

Eat healthy foods
Be mentally active
Keep physically busy
Join a walking group

There are many walking groups all over the county that you can join. I was a member of the Ramblers Association for many years. Through it i gained lots of friends, fell helplessly in love with the countryside and became very fit. You can go on at least 3 of their walks for free whilst you decide whether or not walking is your thing. It didn't used to be something i was interested in. I think you will find that it's a case of 'You don't know until you try'.

Perhaps it is worth just trying.....

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