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Snowdrops are just around the corner!

Sleeping Snowdrops
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Sleeping Snowdrops
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Snowdrops are just around the corner!

There are over 240 varieties of snowdrop to enjoy at Anglesey Abbey and there's a Snowdrop festival on
28 January - 3 March, 10am - 4.30pm so why not
enjoy a relaxing stroll through drifts of snowdrops as thousands of the delicate flowers burst into life throughout the gardens. After being cooped up indoors with stuffy heating give yourself a treat and be amazed by the stunning displays of Betula's (Birch) and contrasting Cornus (Dogwoods). The House stands amongst formal gardens and a wonderfull collection of Statuary, a Giant Redwood struck twice by lightning and Load water mill. A great day out to blow away those cobwebs.

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