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Snow views of Mendlesham

Mendlesham SNOW 2012.2013 020
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Mendlesham SNOW 2012.2013 020
Mendlesham SNOW 2012.2013 020Mendlesham SNOW 2012.2013 027Mendlesham SNOW 2012.2013 043Mendlesham SNOW 2012.2013 048Mendlesham SNOW 2012.2013 053Mendlesham SNOW 2012.2013 129Mendlesham SNOW 2012.2013 134Mendlesham SNOW 2012.2013 123

Snow views of Mendlesham

Various views of Mendlesham Church and churchyard . A row of colourful houses in the snow.
Two views from my house as the sun rises after a hoar frost.

Posted by Barbara
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