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Winter Garden

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Winter Garden

This picture was taken at the Bressingham Gardens, Diss, Norfolk.

The stunning red plants in the photograph are Cornus mid-winter fire.

A must for any Winter garden.

The Winter Garden

My goodness what is that I see,
Is it a blaze I’m looking at?
Eyes fixed to a distant glow from where I sat.
Cornus mid-winter fire,
A dogwood I could see,
So stunning in that garden,
Looking back at me.

Today I thought I’d take a trip,
As the forecast wasn't rain,
Jumped into my car,
And here to Bressingham I came.
I'd been told about the garden,
From a friend,
And old work mate,
That the place it is a joy to see,
Totally top rate!

I had heard of Adrian Bloom,
A fan of the conifer,
But for me I thought a perennial,
Is something I’d prefer.
Sitting on that bench,
So much glory I could see,
It’s the answer to the winter blues,
Finally for me.

Everywhere I looked,
In any place I put my eye,
A massive flood of colour,
You know I would not lie.
My heart so full of hope,
Taking in this scene,
Happiness will stay with me,
In place of all that’s been.

So fed up was I,
When Summer went away,
Just before it disappeared,
I begged it to stay.
Now my mind has altered,
I've found myself the key,
The perfect Winter Garden,
So no more misery for me.


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