More stunning pictures of this beautiful bird of prey. (11 pics)

More stunning pictures of this beautiful bird of prey. (11 pics)
by Allison Balaam from Cransford GB on 25 Jan 2017

Made my day to see this beautiful Buzzard sitting up in the tree tops again, with the bright blue sky it shows this stunning bird off in all its true glory. This is one that I see on a regular basis.


Andrew Mutimer posted 2017-01-29 1:34pm

You could play the Wild Card and enter some Ipswich Images , there's only two Church images . You stand a good chance of winning.

Andrew Mutimer posted 2017-01-29 11:09am

I believe the weekly challenge is "Birds" .
As it's Bird Watch Weekend , that was the last challenge on the old website. No winner announced yet.
I saw the request for Ipswich images (see below) but that was out at the same time as birds. I think they forgot about the Bird Watch and changed it.
Taken from the Online EADT.
We also run a weekly challenge and our current topic is centred around Ipswich, we want to see your favourite views and shots of the historic architecture in Suffolk’s county town.
Stick with Birds for now. I will update you if I see or hear any different.

Julie Kemp posted 2017-01-29 9:41am

Hi Alison. I am sure I read it on the web site that it has changed from birds to "scenes of Ipswich", but I can't find it again now!
It has always been a minefield for me to find out who won the previous challenge, ( who won birds?) and what the new one is. Maybe that is something that will improve when the new system is fully up and running.

Best wishes, Julie

Allison Balaam posted 2017-01-28 11:06pm

Can anyone tell me how or where do we now find out what the weekly challenge is please because I keep seeing it in titles of pictures but I have not had any e mails at all about it and there is nothing I can find any where that tells me what its about. Help anyone???

Allison Balaam posted 2017-01-27 8:59pm

Well how stupid is this when I posted all of these pictures there was 11 I think all in one album, so I now look like I have flooded every where doing them one at a time. well I can assure you I didn't they WERE all in one album, having said that I did have 4 different attempts at getting these to post because the album just kept disappearing. Really is so disheartening.... I didn't know you had commented because I didn't get any form of notification about it.... so unless I log on here every single day and struggle to find my way around I wont ever know if someone has commented or not. I really am not feeling this new site at all. I did have an e mail saying they had validated 3 other albums of my picture but cant find them any where so they are missing along with several thousands of my other pictures!!! Oh what fun..... Not.
Thanks for your kind words and all your help Peter have been a star.
Peter Cutts... Thanks very much and what a great photo.... I am very lucky I do see this Buzzard quite a bit, very often sits up in this old tree... Shame it was sitting with its back to me though. :) xxx


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