Seals at Horsey

Seals at Horsey
by Julie Kemp from Burgh, Woodbridge GB on 16 Aug 2017

Had my first ever visit to Horsey beach, and was delighted to see so many seals. I wasn't expecting to see so many, and to get so close. A fabulous experience, I will definitely return.


Julie Kemp posted 2017-08-19 6:05pm

Thanks Brian, I will have to try to try to get back there in Nov or Dec, as we are away for the whole of Feb. I took these with my new Sony compact, but yes, I have bought a new 80D. Haven't had chance to get it out yet, but am excited about giving it a try out next week. Best Regards, Julie.

BRIAN SMITH posted 2017-08-19 10:05am

Super shots JULIE
You may want to think about going back NOV or DEC as well . I have found that you stand a very good chance of getting a shot of a birth if you are lucky !! and fighting bulls. i would think by the end of Jan most of the males would be back at sea . As Pam was saying you will get some great shots of the white pups but some of the older ones will be starting to change . have you changed the camera yet ?

Brian .

Julie Kemp posted 2017-08-17 10:30pm

Thanks Pam, I would like that. Regards. Julie.

Pamela Bidwell
Pamela Bidwell posted 2017-08-17 7:27pm

Lovely set of pictures Julie,you will have to go around February time when all the white pups are on the beach,it
really is a spectacular sight.Kind regards,Pam.


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