Patterns - Lakeside

Patterns - Lakeside
by PETER BASH from Stisted GB on 26 Nov 2017

Patterns on the Lake at Lakeside shopping centre


PETER BASH posted 2017-11-26 9:55pm

It wasn't my choice I can assure you Mick, but we had a nice meal at Prezzo and caught up with our friends.
There were a surprising number of Cormarants on the lake, all quite nice and not too far from RSPB Rainham Marshes reserve.
Thought I did well in finding Lakeside in the daylight but leaving it in the dark was something else, up a short slip road a wham you are faced with so many choices M25, A13 and people on the inside ,outside and every which way side, then suddenly the lorry that was 1/4 of a mile away is on your bumper flashing his lights!
I won't be rushing back there and think I did well to survive IKEA and not lose the wife in there! Though I nearly did when I came out on the wrong level of a store, I rang her and said O was by the cars, she said so was she, I looked at a map a found I was a level below and whilst I was by real cars She was by toy ones!

Mick Webb posted 2017-11-26 6:38pm

Going to Lakeside Shopping Centre - you don't deserve to win - you deserve a medal!




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