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Andrew Mutimer commented on "Goldcrest" 2018-04-22 7:52pm

A beautiful shot Julie , your so lucky to have them in your garden..


Great images Mick , very envious , I must make a trip up there this year.

Andrew Mutimer commented on "Lovely old Ram, " 2018-03-10 9:40pm

Well done Frances , a cracking shot , I love this one.

Andrew Mutimer commented on "Winter Visitor" 2018-03-10 5:21pm

A warm welcome awaits anyone who would like to join our iwitters meetings around Sufffolk and Norfolk.. We meet during the week and on Sundays for the workers. We have a rough plan of our meetings and dates for the year but nothings set in stone and we're always looking for new venues. As a worker I to was unable to join the group but I will be at the First Sunday meeting later in the month. Peter Bash has an email list of 60 members and shares information between us all. Please contact Peter Bash at for a provision calendar of our meetings and any ideas you have of future meetings. Look forward to seeing you soon.

Andrew Mutimer commented on "Mallard Ducks" 2018-02-24 3:11pm

Hi Mick , Thank you , it's good to be back with the team. Hope to catch up with every one at the second iwitters meeting on the Sunday.
The water was too cold for the Ducks , a quick wash down was enough.

Andrew Mutimer commented on "Christmas at Flatford" 2017-11-27 2:16pm

Well volunteered by the lady in red. I remember standing in that very spot. A nice fire for a cold weekend.

Andrew Mutimer commented on "Texture" 2017-11-27 1:55pm

Thank you Peter. Plenty of seats but no hides or refreshments. Circular walk , I did two laps.

Andrew Mutimer commented on "Texture" 2017-11-27 1:46pm

Thanks Mick. Hoped I'd find something in the woods apart from the teddy bears picnic.

Andrew Mutimer commented on "iwitters Birthday lunch!" 2017-10-01 6:49am

A picture paints a thousand words .
This is the best advert for iwitters meetings Peter.
A group of people enjoying each others company
Belated Birthday Wishes .

Andrew Mutimer commented on "Chinese Water Deer" 2017-08-20 9:18pm

Thanks Brian , that was lucky snap of the day , right time , right place.