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Andrew Mutimer commented on "Watching You / Watching Me" 2017-07-18 5:36pm

Thank you Pam , I was surprised how little the combine worried them , my presence was more of a concern but even after crossing the road into the field of wheat they didn't rush for cover.

Andrew Mutimer commented on "Red Deer and John Deere" 2017-07-18 5:28pm

Thank you Peter , it was a gamble as to which end they would come out but it paid off.

Andrew Mutimer commented on "Harvest" 2017-07-18 5:26pm

I can't believe he had time to stop for lunch Julie .
The beauty of iwitters is that we continually raise the bar with our images , i'm just not sure how we top that , maybe a drone for Xmas ?. Keep up the good work.

Andrew Mutimer commented on "Harvest" 2017-07-18 5:58am

SNAP !. Well done Julie , we've both been in the rape but you managed to post images first.

Andrew Mutimer commented on "A tasty meal in the woodlands" 2017-07-15 6:45am

That Grass Snake had sure taken on a large meal Julie, and had it not been for the frog calling out I could so easily of walked right past. Thank you.

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