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Andrew Mutimer commented on "iwitters Birthday lunch!" 2017-10-01 6:49am

A picture paints a thousand words .
This is the best advert for iwitters meetings Peter.
A group of people enjoying each others company
Belated Birthday Wishes .

Andrew Mutimer commented on "Chinese Water Deer" 2017-08-20 9:18pm

Thanks Brian , that was lucky snap of the day , right time , right place.

Andrew Mutimer commented on "An Egret" 2017-08-20 8:30pm

Thank you Brian , it was the Kingfishers day off.

Andrew Mutimer commented on "Colourful iwitters!" 2017-08-08 10:09pm

I hope you have the permission of the parents for this one Mr B.!!!!

Andrew Mutimer commented on "Watching You / Watching Me" 2017-07-18 5:36pm

Thank you Pam , I was surprised how little the combine worried them , my presence was more of a concern but even after crossing the road into the field of wheat they didn't rush for cover.

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