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Janice Poulson commented on "Victor and apple" 2018-07-30 11:30pm

Is Victor still about Julie ?


Thank you Julie :)

Janice Poulson commented on "100 Years of the RAF Flypast" 2018-07-12 12:48pm

what camera and lens did you use mick :) great photo

Janice Poulson commented on "H20" 2018-06-20 9:14am

I only download 8 photos (all different, no duplicates) so you can see what went on that day ! - it seems that the first lot I downloaded were put in because of 'broken socket' ? on the internet site - thought the whole lot had gone wrong , because it said 'try again' that is exactly what I did... I can see that there are duplicates - it certainly wasn't my intention to do this, sorry if I have upset some people.............................

Janice Poulson commented on "H20 " 2018-06-20 9:04am

I put some photos in on the first download and it said error so I did them again, maybe the first lot got put in as well.. I wasn't aware that I had a limit on the amount of photos one can enter and it wasn't intended to be 'spot the difference' !!!!

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