by PETER BASH from Stisted GB on 23 Mar 2013

My old friend Dick who I used to go wooding with always used to say "you get a fair few warms from wood before you put it on fire". What with felling, ringing, splitting, loading, carting, unloading, stacking and seasoning all work up a sweat long before it's brought indoors to burn in the winter.
Anyone who thinks logs are expensive ought to try a bit of logging sometime to realise they're not just found lying around in handy lengths on the forest floor.That said though there's no finer way of keeping warm, fit and working up an appetite than a good bit of logging on a crisp Sunday morning.
I always remember when a friend I were cutting rings off a large beech tree that had come down in the hurricane of 1987. We had stopped to have a sandwich leaving about three foot of the trunk still attached to the roots laying on the ground, when all of a sudden the remaining tree shot upright and back into it's hole. This not only startled us,causing us to look at each other and say "well I didn't touch it did you?"but also made a blooming great Rat run out from under it . The tension on the roots had reached the point where there was enough to pull the trunk back into the hole , but you would not have believed it if you hadn't seen it with your own eyes, quite spooky and enough to make you choke on your sandwich!


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